The Green Start-Up by Juliet Davenport was published on 27/10/22

The Green Start-Up: Make Your Business Better for the Planet by Juliet Davenport.

The Green Start-Up is an essential toolkit for the modern-day entrepreneur. As issues around climate change and environmental impact become more urgent, businesses and start-ups must work harder then every before to operate in a greener, more sustainable way, for the benefit of both themselves and the planet.

Environmental trailblazer Juliet Davenport OBE leads us through the most pressing questions facing any company so that we can do just that. From how to fuel the business to how to hire ethically; from how to marketing sustainably to delivering your product in an environmentally friendly way. The Green Start-Up not only finds answers to these questions, but showcases experts and brilliant business innovators who are doing things differently: who are showing that green businesses can even be beneficial for the planet.

The very first book of its kind that blends environmentalism with entrepreneurship, The Green Start-Up will help turn the dial on the most pressing questions facing founders today, and demonstrate that businesses can still make a profit while also looking after the planet.