Edward Wilson

Edward Wilson is a native of Baltimore, USA. He studied International Relations on a US army scholarship and served as a Special Forces officer in Vietnam. After leaving the army, Wilson gave up US nationality to become a British citizen. He has also lived and worked in Germany and France. His first novel A River in May draws on his experience of the Vietnam War, while later books focus on espionage and the Cold War. He is a rare example of a literary novelist with popular appeal.


Farewell Dinner for a Spy by Edward Wilson.

Farewell Dinner for a Spy (2024).

Portrait of the Spy as a Young Man by Edward Wilson.

Portrait of the Spy as a Young Man (2022).

South Atlantic Requiem by Edward Wilson.

South Atlantic Requiem (2018).

A Very British Ending by Edward Wilson.

A Very British Ending (2015).

The Whitehall Mandarin by Edward Wilson.

The Whitehall Mandarin (2014).

The Midnight Swimmer by Edward Wilson.

The Midnight Swimmer (2011).

The Darkling Spy by Edward Wilson.

The Darkling Spy (2010).

The Envoy by Edward Wilson.

The Envoy (2008).

A River in May by Edward Wilson.

A River in May (2006).